Who said Breastfeeding was easy!

Isn't breastfeeding beautiful! The way our bodies just know what our babies need. A mothers milk nourishes our babies like nothing else! But this shit is haaaaaarrrrdT!!!!

Rarely do mothers talk about the difficulty and stress of breastfeeding. The ups are often paraded around, but what about the cons??!!? No one talks about the leaky boobs, the extremely sore and sometimes cracked nipples. The pain of mastitis! The long days. The sleepless nights, hormonal imbalances, the weird appetite, the lingering brain fog and much more.

No one mentions how draining, physically altering and emotionally exhausting breastfeeding can be. I'm here to say to all mothers, whether you breast feed for a day, two weeks, a month, or three years! You are SUPER!

The journey is beautiful and hard. It can feel lonely, and it gets very frustrating , even with the most supportive partner.

Whoever said breastfeeding was a breeze, they all LIED!!!!!
Cause this shit definitely ain’t easy peasy lemon squeezy.

To my super, badass milk producing goddesses:

· Be gentle with yourself 😊

· Remember, one day at a time

· You got this!

· Celebrate the small moments and victories

· You are wonderful, beautiful and exquisite

Here is a nice visual and auditory stimulation Tiny Desk concert to check out. Hope you enjoy!

“Black Coffee is a Detroit-based writer, and mother of two. She works with the city of Detroit Department of Workforce Development to train, upskill and advocate for hard to hire populations.”



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