Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

The strength of a thousand moons, honest, resilient, DOPE AS FUCK, creative, fearless, worthy and deserving.

Black woman you are secret sauce and the seasoning.
You are the perfect summer day

and I cant wait for this pandemic to end so we can safely come together.
All I wanna hear from the dancefloor is that famous, high energy;
“AYE” as groups of women encourage they homegirl while she twerk, whine, drop it low or back that ass up to Juvenile.

Black woman you are radiant!

You are sheabutter dipped magic
Black woman you are Beautiful
and I love you!

“Black Coffee is a Detroit-based writer, and mother of two. She works with the city of Detroit Department of Workforce Development to train, upskill and advocate for hard to hire populations.”